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What is the overall security status of the platform?

The security of the Block Collider is the top priority of the project. The use of new blockchains exposes us to both the advantage of their collective security, but also the exposure to a potential hack of the blockchains occurring.

Global Warning Flag

The Block Collider uses a distributed hash table to route blocks to the miners with the closest distance but who were not fast enough to find a winning block.

The global warning flag is a period of time during which those miners addresses are replaced with a state snapshot of the blockchain. This is an entirely optional feature which miners can use in the near future period to be sure to implement forks. For the first 1.5 years of operation we will include a "warning flag" clause which can only come from a public key owned by the team. This flag informs miners to clear the distributed hash table and replace it with hard coded IP addresses controlled by the Block Collider team, allowing us to propagate blocks to the network from our own nodes directly from the distributed hash table, rather than from other mining nodes.

This process ensures that we do not control balances and cannot rewrite previous versions of the chain but can essentially freeze its operation remotely while still maintaining a TX pool and process transactions but only through nodes controlled by the Block Collider team.

Bank Grade Security

We use a combination of AES-256 and PKG-PCI compliant encryption. Our hashing algorithm is BLAKE2BL which has been battled tested in both Lisk and now NEO. Security auditing is also a cyclical event meaning we don't plan on ever ending the practice of 3rd party audits on our code base with different vendors; this is why w00w00 will never be w22w22.

What if a child blockchain is hacked or must hard fork?

If a member blockchain is hacked, which will inevitably occur at some point in the future, the only exposure that Block Collider has to this event is for users who might be conducting cross chain trades with valid chains. For the blockchain that was hacked, the coins would be invalid. However to decrease the exposure to counter parties, we suggest holding marked tokens which are hard coded into the Block Collider blockchain.


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