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Updated: March 31th, 2020


Primary Stages

July 2018: BT Multichain
Public CPU/GPU mining of the Block Collider mainnet multichain. Transactions are not supported, however NRG coins mined are transferred to the AT Multichain.

March 2020: AT Multichain
Public CPU mining of Block Collider mainnet. Transactions are supported on the multichain and between chains. The Timble programming language allows engineers to write applications that are interoperable between all blockchains in Block Collider.

Summer 2020: Block Collider 2 (Overline)
Unreleased technology built into the BSEC wallet, BT + AT multichains, and the Timble programming language.

Complete? Name Public Description Theme Est. Completion
Y Borderless Markets Telegram Group A new group to create an open space to discuss all digital assets / decentralized exchanges operating on Block Collider. Only rule is no discussions related to OTC of any asset. Community Q4 '19
Y Demo API Borderless Demo API framework complete for market maker and trading bots. Community Q4 '19
Y Invitational AT Testnet First group of Advanced Users / Evangelists invited to run early version of AT Miner. (11/11) Core Protocol Q4 '19
Y Public AT Testnet Release Candidate 1 & 2 Public Testing of Block Collider's AT miner began in November 2019, followed by a second release candidate in December. Will continue until the public AT Mainnet launch Core Protocol Q4 '19
Y Borderless - Invitational Release Candidate First invite-only testing of Borderless. Core Protocol Q4 '19
Y Timble Script Updates Timble Script multichain compiler allows for the execution of inter-chain transactions, trades, and events. Core Protocol Q4 '19
Y Node Sync Functionality Included in AT Testnet miner, all nodes will run full sync (as opposed to partial sync in previous builds). Core Protocol Q4 '19
Y Full Dictionary of RPC Scripts / SDK (Level 2 Data) Full RPC SDK for LEVEL 2 data of trades conducted on Block Collider. Core Protocol Q4 '19
Y Stable Coins Added USDT and Maker DAI added as full functional child-chain within Block Collider. Neither will be the 6th chain. Core Protocol Q4 '19
Y Finalize Compression Algorithm FTD2 and ZSTD decreased overall transaction size by 20%. Core Protocol Q4 '19
Y Borderless Bots Testing Initial Testing of Borderless Bots for Market Making. Flagships Q4 '19
Y Borderless UI Updates Asset management and integrations with borderless JS SDK. Flagships Q4 '19
Y Emblem Leasing - README Full documentation for the Emblem Leasing functionality. Enabling Emblem holders and Lease seekers from all skill levels to rent out, purchase, and mine with L-EMB. Flagships Q4 '19
Y Launch of Mainnet AT Mining Kicks off After Target mining period, this is when both transaction and block mining become available, as cross-chain transactions begin to occur. Core Protocol Q1 '20
Y Release of "Perpetual Mining" Drastic improvement in functionality of rovers that no longer rely on chain updates to begin work constructing and maintaining the multiverse. Core Protocol Q1 '20
Y Codebase Comments 2X improvements on comments in Block Collider codebase. Core Protocol Q1 '20
Y Set Priority of Function Sets priority for which function is performed first. Core Protocol Q1 '20
Y New Website A brand new Borderless focused website to celebrate the launch of the next step in the Block Collider story. Community Q1 '20
Y Arc Block Launch Launch of the Arc Block, critical to the After Target mining period as the starting line all miners will rally around. Contains all existing NRG balances from Before Target mining. Core Protocol Q1 '20
Y Passport Web Multiple wallet management functionality from Borderless Marketplace modularized and hosted on web at Core Protocol Q1 '20
Y BSEC Wallet Desktop Create a companion desktop Software app to securely store addresses. Flagships Q1 '20
BaseCamp Public Launch Block Collider BaseCamp, previously only for Evangelists, to be made publicly available. Community Q1 '20
EMB & NRG Liquidity Partners Determine and negotiate liquidity partners to list Emblems (EMB) and optionally NRG. Operations Q2 '20
Unit Tests 3.3X improvements on Unit Test Coverage. Core Protocol Q2 '20
Arc Block Explorer Coinciding with the Arc Block launch, the launch of an explorer for data in the Arc Block (NRG Balances, Genesis Messages) Core Protocol Q2 '20
Developer IDE Create the Integrated Developer Environment for developers building on Block Collider. Community Q2 '20
Set After Target Start Blocks for Each Rover Provide references for rover chains to speed sync. Core Protocol Q2 '20
Submit Logos to Public Facing Blockchain Apps/Sites Providing Access of the Block Collider multichain to the public facing tools such as MetaMask and Operations Q2 '20
Gartner Study Work with a third party research group (Gartner) to publish study on the Interoperabilty space. Community Q2 '20
Ledger Wallet and YubiKey Integration Integration with enterprise wallet providers (YubiKey, Ledger Wallet). Community Q2 '20
Further Updates to Timble Use of alternative financial instruments. Core Protocol Q2 '20
Small Business Program (SBP) - Phase One Borderless Bots released in pilot program to SBP members as well as some advanced users on an invite-only basis. Community Q2 '20
6th Chain Launch Launch of 6th chain, creating new pairs and increased functionality across the Block Collider infrastructure. Core Protocol Q2 '20
Overline Field Tests Pushing the limits of Overline with rigorous testing. Viewing the first field tests will be by invite-only. Events Q2 '20
Open New Office (Brno) European office location acting as a hub for creating products to develop the Block Collider ecosystem. Operations Q2 '20
Simple Integrated Browser Based Trading Experience Launch of first simplified Borderless experience in a browser-based environment. Flagships Q3 '20
Stable Instrument Builder Functionality to build external assets that can be utilized on Block Collider. Core Protocol Q3 '20
Borderless Conference First public conference for the Block Collider ecosystem. Events Q3 '20
Create Native Multi-Chain Feed for Borderless. Native analytics platform for child-assets listed on Borderless. Flagships Q3 '20
Wave #1 of New Blockchains After a successful launch of the 5 genesis chains and the newly revealed 6th chain, the first wave of new blockchains will be added to the Block Collider. Core Protocol Q3 '20
Traditional FX Data Streams to Borderless FiX integrations (and other traditional FX Market data) to Borderless Markets. Operations Q3 '20
Small Business Program (SBP) - Phase Two Helping users to start their own Decentralized Collateral Market on Block Collider. Assist enterprise DEX's in transitioning to a DCM. Community Q3 '20
BC Children's Book Teaching the importance of improving financial acumen from an early age, using Block Collider's ecosystem as a guidebook. Community Q3 '20
Borderless Mobile App V2 Launch of the second version of the mobile app, including Overline functionality. Flagships Q3 '20
Olympia An Evangelists only event at a secret location in Europe. The competition will be fierce, but great knowledge has a price... Events Q3 '20
Initial Overline Deployment Phase 1 of the Overline rollout will begin. First deploying to 6 countries over the course of 18 months. Public sale of Overline consumer product begins. Events Q3 '20
Distributed Governance Transitioning governance model to EMB, empowering the community with executing decisions on feature development, new blockchains, and much more. Core Protocol Q3 '20
Technical Recruiting Events Team members will be monitoring / attending technical events at Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, and MIT. Operations Q4 '20
Small Business Program (SBP) - Phase Three Emblem Leasing Merchant program. More information coming soon... Community Q4 '20
3 New Versions of BC Miner Deploy Broswer-based, GPU, and Android versions of the Block Collider miner. Flagships Q4 '20
Borderless VR First release of Borderless Markets in VR, decentralizing the virtual economy. Flagships Q4 '20
Super Collider Business partnership program to build enterprise-ready multichains for businesses working with Borderless Services. Flagships Q4 '20

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Updated: March 31th, 2020

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