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Borderless is a flagship application for building Decentralized Markets without the use of validators, relayers, or centralization of any kind. For background on the technology and motivations, feel free to review the official Block Collider whitepaper, this Medium post outlining the implications of Borderless, documentation on how BC mining works, and community discussion in EMB Nation.

Before using Borderless, you must first install the application and have an active BC Mining node running. Additionally, you must own and use a BSEC wallet with NRG on it. If you upload a wallet without NRG, you will be able to run the node, but you will be unable to facilitate any trades.

With both the application and miner running in tandem, you will be able to execute trades on Borderless anytime, anywhere with anyone in the world.

This marketplace is both robust and frictionless, qualities that will continue to be developed in the future through the adding of new features and trading pairs. Stay tuned to for more information on development.


See requirements to run the Borderless application and the BC mining node...



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