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NRG Mining

NRG is the lifeblood of the Borderless ecosystem. It is used for collateralizing trades ensuring both party's successful trade. The only ways to get NRG are by purchasing it (outright or via loan), or mining. This guide will walk through the steps needed to set up a container-driven mining program. Container-driven programs come from a source image and can be built in Terminal (Mac & Linux) or CMD Prompt (Windows) using a couple lines of code.

This guide displays the steps needed to set up an individual computer, using containers to deploy a fleet of servers should only be attempted by advanced users and will not be covered in a guide however any technical questions can be asked on Additionally, a second guide for the source built miner will be available when the git repo is made available. Sign up here to be the first to know when the source build mining guide is launched.

Updated 6 months ago

NRG Mining

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