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Marked Tokens

Allocation of Marked Tokens Per Emblem Owned

During the ICO buying 1 Emblem in the sale can be redeemed for the following amounts. Learn more details about the ICO.

Redeemable Per Emblem




Marked Ethereum



Marked Waves



Marked NEO



Marked Lisk


Using Marked Tokens

Marked tokens are a critical part of the ecosystem distributed only during the ICO based on your Emblem balance. Each marked token has slight behavioral differences but there are are only two important things to know about them.

  • Runs on any blockchain.
  • Just like any other token.

Runs on any blockchain.

Transactions that contain marked tokens are automatically added to the Block Collider and in turn are accessible from other other blockchain transaction pegged to the Block Collider. This allows you to do rapid swaps of Marked tokens even if the transaction occurred in the past.

Just like any other token.

Each token is fully compatible with any of the "token" management products built on each respective blockchain. For example, on the Waves DEX it is possible to swap tokens. Your Marked Waves are fully compatible with this exchange.

Redeeming Marked Tokens from Emblems

To redeem a marked token open the file provided to you from the Block Collider BSEC Wallet which was issued to you during the Presale & ICO at The redemption process will include multiple private keys generated and associated with your Emblem balance.

If you were a developer in the Genesis Seed you will have received the Emblem wallet directly.

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Learn about the next function of Emblems.

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Marked Tokens

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