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ICO & Emblems

What are the steps required in the Block Collider Genesis ICO?

  1. Register your intent to participate and the allocation you are looking to have on either March 8th or March 20th. Both registration periods have a max number of registrations that will take place.

  2. If your registration is accept on March 28th you will receive an email with a window KYC start time. After that time you can go to and start the application.

  3. If you application is successful you will be able to create a wallet.

  4. Once all KYC registrations are complete your allocation will be revealed and contribution addresses in BTC or ETH will be revealed. From that announcement which will go out on all communication channels you will have 48 hours to send your allocation or it will be voided and passed to the next registrant who completed step 2.

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What digital good is being purchased in the sale?

The ICO is the only public event during which Emblems, the store of value for the Block Collider will be sold. Emblems are primarily used by miners of the Block Collider, the more Emblems the miner owns the more transactions the miner can add to a block. The second feature of Emblems is that they each come with marked crypto currencies from the five (5) member blockchains the Block Collider launches on.

For instance, buying 1 Emblem in the sale means you can redeem the following amounts.

Redeemable Per Emblem


Marked Counter-Party or Rootstock depending on launch.



Marked Ethereum



Marked Waves



Marked NEO



Marked Lisk


These amounts are fully compatible as tokens within their respective blockchains.

Will there be a cap for the ICO and supply of coins fixed?

Yes, the sale will be capped at 100M Emblems. There is a fixed of supply of 300M Emblems that will be created which will be placed in the custodianship of the team. Learn more about Emblems.

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ICO & Emblems

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