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Core Technology What is Block Collider?
What is Proof-of-Distance (PoD)?
What is the difference between a blockchain and a multichain?
Why does Block Collider exist?
What chains are woven together using Block Collider?
Can others be added in the future?
What does it mean to mine a blockchain?
What does it mean to mine Block Collider / run a Block Collider node?
What are NRG / Emblems / Leased Emblems?
What is the Timble script?
How does it work?
What are the use cases for Timble?
Block Collider Coins: EMB & NRG What is NRG?
How do I get NRG?
What does “collateralizing NRG” mean?
What is the current total number of NRG in existence?
What are Emblems?
Why does Borderless use both NRG and EMB?
How much more NRG do I get if I mine with Emblems?
What is the current total number of Emblems in existence? Circulating?
How do miners get Emblems?
What are Leased Emblems?
How long are L-EMBs granted to their buyers?
How to Buy / Sell L-EMB?
Can they be sent on to another address?
Do I have to use all of my L-EMB at once?
Borderless Marketplace What is Borderless?
How does Borderless work?
What is a maker and taker?
What are the fees to trade on Borderless?
What are NRG fees?
Who pays the NRG fees?
How much NRG is needed to perform a trade?
What is NRG Collateralizing?
Why do we need collateral?
Can the total amount of collateralized NRG be less than the value of my order?
What are the minimum trade orders on Borderless?
What are the minimum withdrawal / deposit amounts for all tokens?
Does Borderless support partial order fulfillment?
Why do the minimum incremental percentages differ order to order?
What happens when the minimum order % is met?
How do I run Borderless?
What are the system requirements to run the app?
How do I add funds to my account?
Are my funds safe on Borderless?
What’s a BSEC wallet? How should I use it?
Does the amount of NRG available in my wallet affect the orders I can see?
What about fees from child chain networks?
How many blocks need to be confirmed before an individual trade is considered confirmed?
What are the min and max deposit (trade) and settlement windows that can be set for Makers?
* I have more questions! Anywhere else I can learn more about Borderless?

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FAQs and Links

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