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What are Emblems?

Emblems serve two purposes, they are a basket of "marked tokens" from other crypto currencies and miners use them to increase the amount of transactions they can store in a block.

  • Fixed supply of 300 million Emblems.
  • Balance is recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain through Rootstock/Counter-party XCP.
  • Miners who have Emblems can add more transactions into a block.

What is in the Emblem basket of marked tokens?

In addition to Bitcoin the Block Collider is launching with five compatible blockchains, NEO, Lisk, Ethereum, Counter-party, and Waves. On each of the five chains, are special "marked" tokens which work just like any normal token on that chain.

For example, Marked Ethereum can be used like any other Ethereum based token. You can load it into MyEtherWallet, store it on an Ether wallet, or swap it on Ether Delta exactly as you any other token.

Learn more about marked tokens.

Can I trade Emblems?

Yes on the Block Collider blockchain. However, we expect most market liquidity will be filled through marked tokens and that emblems due to their rarity will not be a high volume asset and instead held largely by miners. An exchange may implement the Block Collider blockchain and enable tradable Emblems but it is not a priority of ours.

How do I check my Emblem balance?

Check your Emblem balance at this address:

We will never ask you for a private key of any kind. Please confirm the address you are submitting to this tool.

How are Emblems used in mining?

Emblems allow miners to expand the possible number of transactions that can be stored within a block. This in turn allows them to potentially gain more fees for transactions on the block but does not give them an advantage in discovering the next block.

To learn more about the details of Emblems read the article on the topic.


Learn more about the marked tokens included with each Emblem.

Marked Tokens


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