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Ecosystem: Future Development and Partnerships

This is great! What can we expect in terms of future improvements?

The team is working on a range of feature additions some of which can be viewed on our product roadmap. This roadmap will precede updates made here, making the roadmap the most current state of the strategic direction of Borderless Services moving forward.

Are there any integrations with hardware wallets?

Not at this time. However, any wallet which supports ERC20 tokens can support the storage of Emblems.

Will there be a mobile version of Borderless?

Yes! Coming very soon, with more details to be released as it gets closer to launch.

Are there any Open Source Developer tools available?

Yes! In addition to our developer API, there is a Software Development Kit for developers and partners to build custom Borderless applications or features that will be available on launch.

How can Block Collider integrate with and help other exchanges?

By utilizing Block Collider’s multi-chain as the settlement layer, and removing middlemen like validator nodes or off-chain order books, other Decentralized Exchanges can make themselves Borderless.

Ecosystem: Future Development and Partnerships

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