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Is the Collider a decentralized exchange?

No Block Collider is a protocol for multi-chains. However, experience from the developers who originally came from the quantitative and high frequency trading space has resulted in an excellent exchange experience.

Do I have to rebuild my smart contract/NEO Visor Dapp?

Integration with the Collider is fully backwards compatible the only update you would make is the blockchain your GUI/platform is synchronizing with. Users may already be using your smart contract through the Block Collider.

What does the decentralized exchange do and how can I use it for Block Collider?

  • 100% decentralized, no "relay" / API / Masternodes.
  • Provide your users with multi-chain pairs like BTC-NEO, BTC-ETH and ETH-LSK.
  • Decrease your exposure to clogs in one particular blockchain.

What is required to deploy the Collider?

There are several templates you can review which are one-off demonstrations of how to create pairs, create an orderbook, and offer collateralized credit akin to margin trading. Please review these at

More information

Send us an email if you are interested in working with this technology we are happy to help if bandwidth permits. Contact support [ at ]

Decentralized Exchanges

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