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Business On Borderless

This document should serve as inspiration, not as a rulebook or a step-by-step guide as some of the other documentation on this site. There are endless possibilities on how BORDERLESS will help bring the financial ecosystem forward, so please continue the discussion from this doc in and join us in casting the vision for a BORDERLESS future.

Borderless is a large expansion of the trading world. The edges of trading without needing a central pivot point through which everything is tied make the opportunities as limitless as the imagination. Below are some ideas that we intend to pursue, but by no means assume we will be the only ones. In addition, to these we are excited to see what the community wants and develops. Paths for both expansion of Borderless can be found in OP_CODES. These are custom Timble functions baked in to the Borderless application and Block Collider chain. To learn more about these click HERE.

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Business On Borderless

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