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What is the Multi-Market Maker?

Automatic arbitrage execution from all major digital exchanges through fulfillment on Borderless.


Interested in Early Access to the Multi-Market Maker?

"Targeted estimates will generate 7-9% returns monthly."

Block Collider is the world's first truly decentralized cross-chain protocol. Built upon that protocol layer is the Borderless Marketplace, where digital trade occurs between 5 cryptocurrencies, 3 stable coins, and two native coins all without fees or middlemen. With each of those assets tradable between any other asset class, the 55 trading pairs present a massive pool of liquidity potential available to the savvy user. Recognizing this, the Borderless Team built a Multi-Market Maker program which interacts with the 5 base cryptocurrencies. Targeted estimates will generate 7-9% returns monthly.

The Borderless Multi-Market Maker is designed to use the power of Block Collider's multichain and the Borderless marketplace to place revenue increasing orders between the various currencies. Being built on a multichain has an additional perk, however, in that your Multi-Market Maker will compare prices between two exchanges and deliver you the best crosses from either exchange. A true "Multi-Market" program.

The pairs being traded must have reciprocating pairs between the two exchanges. On release, the Multi-Market Maker will be compatible with the follow pairs, bidirectionally:

Initial MMM Pairs on Release





The Multi-Market Maker is easy to setup and and configure and is compatible with all operating systems. Unlike traditional cryptocurrency 'mining', it is not hardware intensive. Once installed and setup, the Multi-Market Maker will automatically make and take orders for you between your Borderless Wallet and the exchange of your choosing. Initial estimates place the end of month return on investment around 7-9%

If passive income and participation in the future of global finance are things that appeal to you, click the invite link below:

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What is the Multi-Market Maker?

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