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Human Rights

Secrets freed from the mortality of their holder. A new take on Wikileaks.


We believe that data ownership and individual empowerment extend beyond reactive measures like encryption into proactive measures like whistleblowing. Unfortunately bargaining chips of these brave individuals are limited under duress. Bleed is an example application which aims to give more power to these individuals and by proxy implied power to those who are suspected of using it.


In the real world we are mortal making our secrets and their revelation susceptible to our mortality.
With Bleed a "secrets that bleed" or a "bleeding secret" that is stored on the Block Collider blockchain masquerading as a normal transaction and referencing encrypted data on an unknown blockchain. Hidden within the transaction is a key hides a secret unless the user fails to make an unknown transaction at a time determined by the user in the future.

Bleed is useful immediately for whistleblowers who can argue that if they are “silenced” all they know will be automatically decrypted and broadcast to the world. The origin of the name comes from the consequence of hurting someone in the real world--you never know if the truths/secrets they carry will bleed online.

Use Case #1

A whistleblower would like to confront an employer or authority figure where the situation gives them cause for concern. Bleed can be add to the negotiation process as the whistleblower can confide in a peer the location and intent of the secret should his/her safe of physical freedom hinder them from releasing the important information.

Use Case #2

Bleed can also act as a passive deterrent for oppression with the fear that the victim may have created a Bleeding secret. Since this is not verifiable by the oppressor a victim could claim it's existence as an additional defensive tool.

Use Case #3

In some family units the event of a Will can be met with troubling results by members of the unit. Bleed can the author to avoid these troubles by setting the will to decrypt at some point in the future. The author can then provide peace of mind to certain members of the family he/she relies to execute details of the will to be able to access the document as a reference or in support of an event.

User Case #4

Distributed apps can use bleed to decrypt secrets for puzzles, random audits, or board meetings which contain payouts or transactions based wishes set forth by the creator of the app. In this way complexities can be added to the application which can be far in the future.

Preview Bleed as a Beta Tester

If you are interested an have beginning to expert experience in the encryption of sensitive data sign up.

Human Rights

Secrets freed from the mortality of their holder. A new take on Wikileaks.

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