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Who are the Evangelists?

To learn more about the origin of Evangelist Events this post on our medium blog:

Evangelist Events are hosted by Block Collider Core developers. Originally they were designed as tests to allow true supporters of the coin to prove they deserved the right to purchase an allocation. With thousands of players we believe we can start to branch away from Block Collider and work toward promoting genuine talent and experts in the field by giving them a tool by which they can prove their worth and thereby become Evangelists not only of Block Collider but of the entire crypto community.

There is a dangerous trend toward speculation which is lead by false teachers and "get rich" YouTube guides. We believe winners of Evangelist events are the kinds of people that should be mentoring and guiding the crypto communities. Together we can make a small dent in the speculative trend turning the community to focus on the a technical fundamentals and value based components of great projects.


  • Competitors must create an account on
  • Evangelist Events award 66 winners the opportunity to purchase up to $1000 in Block Collider Emblems.
  • When the event begins questions are revealed on the Evangelists tab within the Block Collider Portal. The questions have short answers are are not case sensitive.
  • Each question has a specific amount of points assigned to it. Each event has a winning point threshold. The first 66 people to pass the threshold win the right to purchase an allocation and may call themselves Evangelists.
  • Hints to the answers for each question are on the Telegram Channel, Twitter, and Reddit. During the Event competitors or spectators can subscribe to the dedicated Evangelists Hint Channel.
  • Each event has an impossible question which if answered guarantees a winning place in the Evangelist Event. No impossible questions to date have been solved.
  • Winning allocation of Block Collider Emblems is contingent on passing a KYC process. This has never been a blocker.

Difficulty Levels

  • Difficulty 10/10 "Validators" are terrible.
  • Difficulty 9/10 "Roger" when you call Bitcoin Cash BCash.
  • Difficulty 8/10 "China Mining FUD" Bitcoin is banned in China, seriously this time.
  • Difficulty 7/10 "Tron" the anger you feel for unattributed Ethereum developers when reviewing Tron's codebase.
  • Difficulty 6/10 "Charlie Lee Tweet" the feeling you get when reading Charlie Lee's Twitter.
  • Difficulty 5/10 "Maximalist" trying to reason with them is at least educational.
  • Difficulty 4/10 "Korcak" the look CTO Tomas gives you when you didn't write a unit test for your commit.
  • Difficulty 3/10 "Foodless Meetups" the empty feeling you have when you are at a meetup with no food.
  • Difficulty 2/10 "Unicorn Shirt" the angst felt by when staring too long at Vitalik's shirts.
  • Difficulty 1/10 "Arjun Says No" the look you get when you say something even remotely not inline with BC philosophy.
    Difficulty N/10 "Satoshi" no way to identify this difficulty except we know it's not wright.

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Who are the Evangelists?

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